Meadville High School Football Team Gets Hard-Earned 107-90 Victory (Video)

Meadville High School Football

People often talk about ways to improve various professional sports by introducing rule changes that encourage faster-paced, higher-scoring games for the sake of more exciting competition. The next time the NFL thinks about doing something like that, they may want to take a look at last night’s incredible performance by Pennsylvania‘s Meadville high school football team against the DuBois Beavers—in a game that boasted a final score of 107 to 90.

The Meadville high school football team didn’t have any home field advantage when they went up against DuBois, but that didn’t stop them from racking up 107 points in a fiercely competitive game that had both teams accumulating a combined 1,827 offensive yards and scoring 28 touchdowns. Here’s an excerpt from The Meadville Tribune‘s breathless account of two state records set by each team during the game:

“For DuBois, it was sophomore quarterback Matt Miller. He completed 29 passes on 50 attempts for 741 yards and 10 touchdowns. That 741 yards is a new single-game record in the state of Pennsylvania, surpassing the 594 yards thrown by Brockway’s Derek Buganza in 2009. For Meadville, it was junior halfback Journey Brown, who carried the ball 30 times for 722 yards and 10 touchdowns. That yardage total is also a new state record, besting the 500-yard performance by Eastern York’s Alex Cooley in 2012.”

You can read more about the Meadville high school football Bulldogs’ 107-90 victory over at The Meadville Tribune right here.