Russell Wilson Gets $7M Waterfront Mansion in Seattle (Photos)

In case you were worried about financial compensation for NFL players, you can take solace in the news that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is doing just fine, having dropped almost $7 million on a beautiful mansion overlooking the city.

Russell Wilson’s new house cost him $6.7 million, with views of the city proper and a backyard that leads right to the water, along with a private dock (and a boat to dock there). And to go along with his new digs, Wilson also has at least one famous neighbor – Bill Gates’ house is nearby, which is a good indication of Wilson’s having moved up in the world.

Unless you’re friends with Russell Wilson or Bill Gates, you probably don’t have much of a chance to get invited to a party at his new mansion – but you can take a look at a whole bunch of photos of the house in the gallery below.