A Website Shows Fans How Their NFL Team Has Cheated


Over the past seven years or so, the concept of cheating has been a hot topic NFL issue. It doesn’t seem to have done much to impact the games, but people sure like getting dirty with the facts and exposing any potential wrongdoing. However, before they start throwing stones, they should probably check to see if they’re living in a glass house.

And according to YourTeamCheats.com, NO ONE is free of blame. Every team has a track record of some impropriety, and you can look up how they cheated just by clicking on your team’s logo—if you’re so inclined.

For such a fly-by-night site, the guy(s) who run it seem to be very concerned with getting these things right, so maybe that will give you some comfort that, as a Pats fan, all your thousands of cheating scandals will be meticulously considered and catalogued.

But you’ll probably whine about it anyway, as any fan for any team would. It’s your duty. So click every team’s link but your own and arm yourself with all the ammunition you need to weasel your way out of any accusation your team faces this season.

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