Texas High School Football Player Ejected After Shoving Ref (Video)

Texas High School Football Player Shove Ref

We have yet another instance of a Texas high school football player assaulting an official.

Last week it was two members of the John Jay High School football team in San Antonio who were caught on camera tackling an unsuspecting referee from behind after a few bad calls (and some alleged racial slurs).

This week, it’s Zeke Cardenas of St. Anthony High School who was ejected for shoving an official between plays.

The altercation occurred after a minor skirmish between players on St. Antony and Austin Hyde Park broke out during a battle for a loose ball following a botched snap by the St. Anthony offense. Luckily, Cardenas’ teammates were there to stop him before he was able to take things any further.

You can watch Cardenas shove the referee in the video below. And for more on the incident, you can read the article over at MySA here.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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