Brice McCain Protects Dolphins Lead with Crazy Interception (Video)

Brice McCain

After the very public issues the Redskins faced in the off-season, the Dolphins, who are poised for improvement, certainly didn’t want to walk away from their first game empty-handed. However, with eight minutes left in the game, they were only up 17-10 and the Redskins were in their territory, threatening a score.

In comes Brice McCain with the most impressive catch of week 1, saving the day with this interception:

After getting a hand on the ball, McCain had the presence of mind to stick with it when it went back in the air, pulling it in awkwardly for the interception, and securing the Dolphins’ lead through the end of the game.

If McCain doesn’t make that superhuman play, there’s a good chance that Pierre Garcon pulls that catch in on the three yard line.

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