Hey Lookit, a Division III Football Fight! (Video)

Division III Football Fight Washington & Jefferson Westminster

Last week we dug deep to bring you a sweet college football highlight from Division II. Today we dig even deeper to bring you a college football highlight from Division III.

Of course, it’s not entirely accurate to call this a Division III football highlight. The word “highlight” kind of implies that there’s an awesome catch or something, and there’s not. What we really have for you here is a Division III football fight.

The fight occurred during Saturday night’s game between the #14 Washington & Jefferson Presidents and the Westminster Titans. Westminster had just scored a first quarter touchdown to tie the game at 7-7 when, on the ensuing kickoff, something pissed off one of their players.

What that something is we cannot say. All we know for sure is that #10 gets up off the ground, slams a Presidents player to the ground by his facemask, and starts punching him until he gets tackled by another guy.

Take a look:

It seems like Westminster’s #10 might have been tripped or something, but that’s still no excuse for that insane outburst. Dude might want to do some yoga or something to mellow out.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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