Djokovic Goofed Around with Gerard Butler after Winning the U.S. Open (Video)

Gerard Butler

I’m guess that winning the U.S. Open would put all but the most fierce competitors in a jovial mood. The season is done, and you ended it on as high a note as possible. So what do you do? You screw around with actor Gerard Butler, of course.

Novak Djokovic was in the press room with the star after winning the last Grand Slam event of the season, quoting 300 for no particular reason other than he could.

Here’s the awesome clip:

I wonder if Gerard Butler was as excited to do it as Novak was. I mean, Butler didn’t win anything and maybe was just enjoying some VIP treatment when the tennis player approached him and asked him to quote one of his most famous lines. Something tells me that some dude off the street wouldn’t get quite the same treatment.

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