LeSean McCoy Can’t Stop Trolling, Poses for Photo with “Chip Kelly Rejects” (Pic)

lesean mccoy chip kelly rejects

It’s not hard to understand why LeSean McCoy was upset that Chip Kelly traded him to the Bills in the offseason.

For starters, nobody wants to get traded to the Bills. Not at first, anyway. Even though the team has been on the verge of contending for a playoff spot for several years now, you just don’t think of them that way. So you kinda have to give yourself a little time to get over that instinctive recoil.

More importantly, from McCoy’s perspective, the trade just kind of seemed like a slap in the face. McCoy is one of the best four or five running backs in the NFL, but that wasn’t good enough for Chip Kelly. Imagine how it would make you feel if your boss was like, hey, you’re really good at your job, but we still don’t want you any more so we traded you to that sh*tty company in the crappy part of town so we can hire a guy who’s basically the same as you. Sor-ry!

See? It would bother you, too.

That said, you’d expect a grown man to let it go and start to move on eventually. But no. LeSean McCoy just can’t. Let it. Go.

Even after the Bills came out with a HUGE win over the Colts in their season opener on Sunday, he made sure to get together former Eagles Trent Cole and Todd Herremans for a “Chip Kelly Rejects” photo courtesy of the NFL Network’s Albert Breer.

Shady McCoy smiling and joking — “Get a picture. The Chip Kelly rejects.”

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Of course, if you’re a Bills fan, you probably don’t want LeSean to let it go. You want him to hold on to the grudge until it propels him to another 1,800-yard season, right?

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