Odell Beckham’s Pregame Routine Showcased Some Skills (Video)

Odell Beckham

Ever since that one catch last year in his rookie campaign, Odell Beckham has been considered one of the most electric and talented receivers in the NFL. And rightfully so.

Last night, he didn’t even wait until game time to remind the world of that fact, as he hit the turf early in AT&T Stadium to run some routes and show the press that he doesn’t need two hands to catch a damn football.

Here’s the clip of Odell Beckham getting up very high to pull in some warmup passes:

Sure, he doesn’t have anyone on him to make these catches, but that’s the beauty of Odell Beckham – even if he did, they wouldn’t be able to challenge many of these. If he can reach way up in the air with one hand like that, I’m not sure there’s a cornerback in the league that would be able to make a play on the ball.

Fortunately for the Cowboys, Eli wasn’t as good at placing the ball last night as Odell is at catching it. But you can’t depend on that every game. Sooner or later, Odell will win out with his crazy hops and reach, and there’s not going to be anything that your team can do about it.



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