Ted Ginn Drops the Easiest Catch Ever from Cam Newton (Video)

Ted Ginn

It’s easy to rag on Cam Newton for coming up a little short of expectations, and weaseling his way into the playoffs with a losing Panthers record last year. However, the play in the clip below might actually cause you to feel a little sympathetic towards the QB. He’s the best offensive player on his team, and he’s not finding a lot in the way of support.

FOR INSTANCE, check out this on-the-money pass to Ted Ginn which should be good for six points:

Ouch. How does an experienced receiver drop that? Sure, a rookie might hear footsteps and get nerves, but Ted Ginn should know better.

The Panthers were still able to come out on top over the Jaguars in what I still consider to be a matchup between two goofy 1995 expansion teams, but that play is likely to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

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