BdotAdot5 Drops Spot-On Carmelo Anthony Impersonation (Video)

bdotadot5 carmelo anthony impersonation

When we last checked in with Brandon Armstrong, the NBA impersonator better known on social media as BdotAdot5 who has become the star of the NBA offseason, he was doing his best Manu Ginobili impersonation.

So who does Armstrong have for us today? How about a Carmelo Anthony impersonation.

It’s about time Armstrong did Carmelo, really. He is one of the NBA’s elite players. (Probably?) And more importantly, Carmelo is so distinctive and imitable.

Here’s the regular Facebook version of BdotAdot5’s Carmelo Anthony impersonation:

Carmelo Anthony Be Like…
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Posted by BdotAdot5 on Monday, September 14, 2015


And here’s the sped up Instagram snippet, which is actually better because everything is funnier when sped up:

A video posted by B.A. (@bdotadot5) on

Who do you want to see Armstrong do next?

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