Jackass Fan Wrestles Adrian Gonzalez for Foul Ball, Gets Booed (Video)

fan wrestles adrian gonzalez over foul ball

It’s not uncommon to see baseball players get surly with fans sitting near the field over foul balls that go into the stands. A lot of them seem to think fans should scatter as soon as a ball comes their way, then genuflect in reverence as they attempt to catch it.

As you can probably tell, I usually take the fans side in such instances. Don’t get me wrong, if they’re fans of the home team, reason dictates that they should get out of the way so a player on the home team can make a catch. But it’s easy to get carried away when you’re so close to getting the ultimate souvenir. (Cf. Bartman, Steve.) So millionaire players really should cut the fans some slack—especially when the player is the one leaning over a railing and getting in somebody’s face.

I don’t always take the fans’ side, though. Sometimes the fans are just jackasses, and the players are right to grumble.

This incident from last night’s Dodgers-Rockies game in LA was one of those times. In the top of the fifth, Rockies catcher Tom Murphy popped a Clayton Kershaw pitch into foul territory down the first base line, where it eventually drifted about five feet into the stands.

At that point, it was perfectly reasonable for a fan to try to make a catch. And one did. However, this particular fan didn’t just try to make a catch. After Gonzalez reached in and grabbed the ball, the fan grabbed his glove and tried to wrestle the ball away from him, like a 12-year-old wrestling his brother for the TV remote.

Take a look:

That’s right, Dodgers fans. You boo that guy. He deserves it.

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