Giants Fan Sobs, Storms Out of Room After Loss to Cowboys (Video)

giants fan

Watching football fans overreact to their team’s losses has become a pastime of sorts in sports media. These are grown adults, throwing things, cussing, and in the instance of this Giants fan, crying and leaving the room over games that, frankly, aren’t that important.

I can understand getting upset at a playoff game, or an important late-season game. But this is the first game of the season. And sure, everyone hates the Cowboys, but grow up. You thought the Giants might make the playoffs this year? Might win the Super Bowl? Your best defensive player blew his fingers off with fireworks. Just enjoy the spectacle.

Here’s the ridiculous, but mercifully quick video:

This Giants fan looks too upset to even move. That’s the type of behavior you save for when someone you love dies.

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