John Cena and Sting Spend Time With a Cancer Survivor After ‘Raw’ Stopped Shooting (Video)

cancer survivor

We all know what kind of guy John Cena is. He’s one of the most philanthropic athletes that has ever graced competition. So the news that he went above and beyond the call of duty with Sting after the cameras stopped rolling shouldn’t be a huge surprise. But it’s still pretty damn cool.

Once last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw had ended, the two wrestlers called out a cancer survivor in the crowd by the name of Kiara Grindrod. Kiara is seven years old and has beaten cancer. The wrestlers got the crowd into it with “yes” chants, and people screaming “This is awesome.”

It was pretty great. Here’s the sweet video:

It’s honestly better than a lot of the other heartwarming stuff that’s circulating. John Cena takes this very seriously, and he’s really, really good at it. Probably better than he is at wrestling, and he’s one hell of a wrestler.

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