Meet Rob Gronkowski Girlfriend Camille Kostek, a 23-Year-Old Former Patriots Cheerleader and Current Lifestyle Model (Pics)

Rob Gronkowski has a girlfriend. And guess what? She’s very attractive!

I know it’s shocking that a professional football player who twerks at yacht parties in Miami and has his own party bus would have a hot girlfriend. But it’s true. Her name is Camille Kostek, and according to People, the two have been dating for several months and seem to be a great match.

“You can tell they really enjoy being with each other,” People‘s source says. “They both have a great sense of humor and feed off each other really well.”

So what do we know about Kostek? Well, we know she’s 23. We know she is currently a “lifestyle model” for Benrus watches. We know that she was a Patriots cheerleader up until she started dating one of the players. And we know that she and Gronk must be getting kind of serious if he’s celebrating her little sister’s 16th birthday with her family.

But of course, you’re probably only interested in the evidence for my claim that Camille Kostek is hot. So here’s that:

Congratulations, Rob Gronkowski.

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