Former NHLer Ryan Hollweg Performs Tom Petty on the Ice (Video)

Ryan Hollweg

Ryan Hollweg was never much of a star in the NHL, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a penalty-receivin’ fan favorite for the three teams he did play with (Rangers, Leafs, Coyotes). He was able to win over his fans because he did crazy stuff like he did the other night in the Czech league he now plays in.

After his team, HC Pizen, won last night, Ryan Hollweg took to the ice to perform some songs with an electric guitar.

Here’s the clip:

Ok. That’s pretty weird. But I guess if the fans like it, that’s cool. I’ll stick with the Tom Petty version of “Free Fallin’,” but I’m glad he’s out there doing his thing.

I must say, though, the fact that his guitar looks like it was stolen from Poison’s 1988 world tour doesn’t help me take him seriously.  Maybe that’s the look he was going for?

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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