Virginia Goalie Chugs Beer on Ice During Game, Gets Ejected, Becomes Frat Legend (Videos)

virginia goalie chugs beer

It’s not technically against the rules to chug a beer on the ice during a hockey game. But it is frowned upon, and referees usually have a lot of discretion in handing out game misconduct penalties. So you might want to think twice before imitating Jake Anderson.

Anderson is a sophomore on the University of Virginia’s club hockey team and, according to Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski, a member of the UVA chapter of Chi Phi. During Friday’s home opener against in-state rivals VCU, with his team up 7-0 going into the third period, Anderson pulled off one of the most legendary frat bro moves in college history. He took a beer that his bros passed over the glass behind the net and he chugged it. Right there on the ice. In his uniform.

Take a look:

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Now, like I said, there is no specific rule that says you cannot chug a beer on the ice during a hockey game. But it was bad sportsmanship, so the refs gave him a five-minute major and an ejection.

After the game, even the guy who writes up the game stories for the official team website tore Anderson a new one:

Jake Anderson had a shutout through two periods until he was disqualified for consuming an alcoholic beverage on the ice. This selfish act drew eerie parallels to the maturity of a middle schooler desperate for attention from his crush and led to a five minute major penalty to begin the third period, which Virginia killed off successfully. Tommy Graber finished the game in net and did so admirably, only allowing one goal in the final frame.

But of course, Anderson probably received a heroes welcome when he got back to the Chi Phi house later that night.

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