This White Sox Fan Hilariously Objects to Doing ‘The Wave’ (Video)

white sox fan

You can’t help but like this White Sox fan. He’s at the game, seemingly by himself, wearing one of those hats that just screams “F*CK OFF,” and he’s not going to be bullied into doing the wave. Rather, I think there’s a good chance that he was able to stop the wave dead in its tracks just by flipping off everyone to the left of him.

I’m guessing this wasn’t the first time this happened. Since the people behind him had their camera ready, either this was the wave’s second lap, or he does this every game. Neither one would surprise me.

Here’s the video for the full experience:

Awesome, right? It’s amazing how many people outgrow the wave, and how quickly they do so.

12 years old? Awesome. 14? Go to hell, enthusiasm. 45? I will fight every person in this stadium.

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