Arkansas Fans Brawl at Tailgate Party Prior to Toledo Game (Video)

arkansas fans brawl

A bunch of drunken Arkansas fans got into a nasty brawl at a tailgate party prior to last weekend’s game against Toledo.

What were they fighting about? That I cannot say. However, I like to think it all started with an argument about Tusk, the Arkansas Razorbacks live mascot. Like maybe one guy said Tusk II was the best, and then another guy was like, naw man, Tusk III is way better, and then a third guy was like, y’all are crazy ’cause everybody knows Big Red III was better than Tusk I, II, or III. And then they all just started rasslin.

But like I said, that’s pure conjecture. The point is, things got wild. And the video is full of sunburned white people in camo hats.

Take a look:

Posted by Earl Deshon Turner Atkins on Sunday, September 13, 2015


Good times, good times.

Hat Tip – [@EarlAtkins]

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