Watch Gronk Fall in Love With These Magic Tricks (Video)


We all know that Gronk is a 12-year-old boy in a man’s body, so naturally he’ll be bewildered and amused by rudimentary magic tricks. And sure enough, when NBC sent magician Mat Franco to the Pats practice facility to make his cell phone disappear, Rob Gronkowski was amazed.

To Gronk’s credit, that magic trick IS pretty great. Take a look before I spoil it:

I mean, how on Earth do you get a cell phone in a football? Was it there all along? Was it…MAGIC?

I’m going to chalk it up to old-school magic. That’s the easiest solution here. Mat Franco is some sort of wizard (possibly an evil one), and should be burned at the stake by Bill Belichick.

Only then can we live free of demons. Until then, Gronk will be tossing and turning in his race car bed, wondering if there are really magicians in this world, like in those Harry Potter books Julian Edelman reads to him.

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