HS Groundskeeper Puts Weed Killer Instead of Fertilizer on the Field (Pics)


You had one job, Mr. Groundskeeper. And you blew it.

The guy charged with overseeing the health of the football field at St Edward High School in Elgin, Illinois made the one mistake you REALLY shouldn’t make as a groundskeeper: He accidentally placed weed killer all over the field, rather than fertilizer.

I would think a mistake like this suggests that maybe you’re not a great groundskeeper, but everyone makes stupid mistakes, and it could be worse. He could have been in charge of a day care center or something.

For some reason, Darren Rovell, ESPN’s in-house business guy, Tweeted this picture to break the story (sorta):

Due to the error, the team’s Friday home game may be scheduled at the visiting team’s school—you know, unless they want to play on dirt.

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