Reports: Jason Pierre-Paul Hand Worse Than Expected, Missing Tip of Thumb (Video + Pic)

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All-Pro defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has been avoiding the Giants like the plague ever since he blew up his hand with fireworks on the Fourth of July. Because of that, nobody really knew how bad it was.

There was speculation, of course. We were pretty sure he lost his index finger on his right hand. But nobody knew whether what remained of his hand was read to play football.

Now we do know. Last week, JPP met with the Giants and let them examine his hand. And according to sources who spoke to ESPN, it’s much worse than some people within the organization expected. Apparently, in addition to his entire index finger, JPP is also missing the tip of his thumb, and he recently had some sort of procedure performed on his middle finger.

These sources said that some people with the team are now pessimistic about the chances of Jason Pierre-Paul making it back this season. However, others were impressed with his mental state and physical condition aside from the hand.

Either way, the team plans to see JPP again in another five or six weeks. If the hand isn’t healed up by then they may rescind the $14.8 million franchise tender—though by then that contract would only be worth $9.58 million anyway, as the Giants save $871K for every game he doesn’t play.

Of course, JPP insists he is ready to play. After ESPN broke the story, he posted a video of himself working out with some inspirational mumbo jumbo in the caption:

But if he really did just recently have a “procedure” on one of his remaining fingers, there’s no way JPP can play right now. As a defensive end, he can get by without a finger or two so long as all the fingers he’s got are in good working order. However, if that hand is still healing, he can’t go out and grab and push and fight for position.

This should be interesting.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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