JJ Wilcox Broke His Nose Obliterating Odell Beckham Jr But Stayed in the Game Anyway (Video)

jj wilcox broke his nose

After Cowboys safety JJ Wilcox obliterated Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr during the first quarter of Sunday night’s game, all anyone was talking about was how tough Beckham was for shaking it off and returning to the game just a few plays later. And that’s understandable, because you don’t usually expect someone with such a silly hairdo to be that tough.

However, there’s another angle to this story. You see, OBJ wasn’t the only one who toughed it out. According to David Helman of DallasCowboys.com, JJ Wilcox broke his own damn nose on that hit. But he told the Cowboys trainers to leave it alone until after the game, and then just kept on playing. In case you need a reminder, here’s the hit:

Oh, and here’s another fantastic piece of info obtained by Helman—apparently Beckham later told Wilcox after the game that he’d never been hit that hard. Seeing as how ODB played his college ball in the SEC, that’s saying something.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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