Watch Ronda Rousey Demonstrate Her MMA Skillz on Ellen Producer Andy Lassner (Video)

ronda rousey ellen producer

Ellen producer Andy Lassner has a more interesting job than the rest of us most days, seeing as how he helps run a hugely popular daytime talk show. However, on Monday his job was even more interesting than usual. Because on Monday, UFC superstar and future star of the Road House remake Ronda Rousey stopped by the Ellen show to demonstrate a few of her many skillz on him.

Well, Rousey didn’t show up just to demonstrate her skillz on Lassner. Technically she showed up just to have a chat, talk about her book, and reveal a bit of her sensitive side.

But after all that stuff, Rousey changed clothes, Ellen DeGeneres called her producer up on stage, and Rousey took him into their mock octagon and threw the guy around like a rag doll.

Take a look:

Of course, Lassner actually got off pretty easy here. Remember the time she broke that dude’s rib?

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