Hilarious Wes Welker Tweet Captures the Joy of Parenthood (Pic)

wes welker tweet

Wes Welker has not officially retired from the NFL. Technically he’s still a free agent. However, the guy can’t get a contract because he gets a concussion when you look at him funny. And nobody wants to be known as the GM or coach or team that finally gets Wes Welker killed.

That’s pretty understandable. And really, it is also for the best. Welker doesn’t need to keep bashing his brain in. His last contract with the Broncos had $6 million guaranteed. Assuming he invests his money wisely and doesn’t blow it on the ponies, he should be just fine financially.

More importantly, Welker’s got a growing family to tend to. His wife, Anna Welker, recently gave birth to twins. And judging by the brilliant tweet he sent out during Monday Night Football, they’ve got their hands full:

In case you are lucky enough not to be familiar with this particular joy of parenting, when babies defecate so forcefully that the crap comes out the top of the diaper, parents call this a “blowout.” So you see, Wes was making a pun.

Maybe his brain is okay after all.

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