Terrell Owens Racially Abused by Crazy Dude at L.A. Starbucks (Video)

terrell owens racially abused by crazy starbucks dude

Early Wednesday morning, TMZ reported that police were investigating an incident at a Brentwood (L.A.) Starbucks in which Terrell Owens allegedly threw a cup of coffee at somebody. And at first it sounded like perhaps another case of a pro athlete acting like a total douchebag.

However, as it turns out, it was actually Owens who was harassed and even racially abused. And now TMZ has video of the abuse—and of T.O. showing almost superhuman restraint.

According to Owens, he had just arrived at the Starbucks to meet a female friend on Tuesday when some guy shouted his name loudly and then wouldn’t leave him alone. According to the guy, who TMZ identified as a 28-year-old named Arman, Owens then tripped him as he walked by.

That’s when things got crazy. Arman busted out his phone and started filming, hilariously accusing Owens of “kicking” him:

But here is Owens’ version of events, as told to TMZ:

While we don’t know for sure how things went down inside the Starbucks, TMZ did obtain a video that corroborates Owens’ account of what happened after he threw the coffee.

Be warned, it contains extremely offensive language:

When TMZ spoke with Arman, he first denied using the n-word. Then, when they said they had video of him saying it, he said he didn’t put an r at the end of it, explaining, “I use that word and it’s very much accepted in the black community.”

Of course, that explanation would lead you to believe that Arman is black himself. But he is not. He told TMZ he is “Middle Eastern and Muslim.”

As for the part where he calls T.O. a “f***ing knuckle-running, spear-chucking, monkey-ass looking motherf*****,” Arman claims he was being “purposefully racist” and “just wanted to make him mad or sad.”

Honestly, the police should give T.O. and award for not beating the sh*t out of this guy.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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