The Jets Will Sell This Terrifying Item at Home Games (Pic)


Darren Rovell is ESPN’s business reporter, but since most anything done in the league can be construed as “business,” he gets to report on what seem to be any non-athletic goings-on. A lot of the time, he seems to choose to report on weird foods and items that ballparks sell. However, I don’t think anyone asked for this latest one.

He announced via the below Tweet that the Jets will be selling something called the Jumbo Jet Bagel, which already sounds as unappetizing as hell.

Here it is, along with a rundown of the heart-healthy ingredients:

As if the stadium experience isn’t terrible enough at NFL games, do we really need to facilitate binge-eating among the drunk, jersey-wearing fans? Apparently we do, because introducing something like this gets Darren Rovell to write about you, and that’s good for business—even if having your fans vomiting in disgust might not be.

Frankly, I’d rather eat the football that’s sitting behind it.

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