Iowa Coed Videobombs Reporter with Some Hilarious Exercise Moves (Video)


Last weekend, Iowa and Iowa State squared off in a big rivalry game, so of course, the fans were out in full force. It may surprise you to learn that Iowa was recently declared the #2 party school in the country by Bro Bible, so there’s no doubt that they like to have a little fun.

Take for instance this girl, who just happened to be walking by a live news segment on the game. After doing the obligatory wave to the camera, she appears to be on her way from the┬ávideobomb, only to reveal that, nope. She’s still staying in frame, and doing some sick exercise moves. I don’t even know what the names are, but they look like something out of a mid-80s Jazzercise video. The news anchor on the other end sees, and can’t help but crack up.

Here’s the clip:

Her push-up form kinda sucks, but we’ll take into consideration that she’s doing them on asphalt. That can’t be easy on the palms.

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