Jimmy Fallon Busts out the Superlatives for the Packers and Seahawks (Video)


Since football season is in full swing, the talk show hosts are riding that wave until it breaks, and since NBC’s next Sunday night matchup is a high-profile Seahawks-Packers affair, Jimmy Fallon did a little cross-promotion for the game; The Tonight Show busted out their familiar, yet-still-funny superlatives to make fun of the players on both teams.

Since Fallon can deliver a punchline a little better than I can, I’ll leave the jokes to him. Here’s the video:

This represents a departure. Whereas we normally would just get these busted out for the Super Bowl, NHL Playoffs, or the PGA Championship, we’re now getting them for the NFL Sunday night matchup? Hmm. Seems like that could get a little old, and the novelty could wear off quickly. But, whatever. It’s Jimmy Fallon, so it’s hard to stay mad at him even if he does run this thing into the ground.

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