Bills Fan Rocks a ‘Wide Right’ Scott Norwood Jersey (Pic)

scott norwood

In case you were wondering how long it takes to live down a missed field goal that costs your team the Super Bowl…we’re at 25 years and counting for former Bills kicker Scott Norwood. In January 1991, Norwood shanked a 47-yard field goal attempt that would have given the Bills the lead in Super Bowl 25 over the Giants. He didn’t make it, and the Bills proceeded to appear in and lose the next 300 consecutive Super Bowls. Eh. Ok. It was only four straight.

To commemorate that dark day in Buffalo sports history, this guy took some liberties with his jersey by skewing all the printing, yup, wide right.

It’s pretty awesome:

That’s how you embrace an iconic screw-up. Red Sox fans take note. Bills fans…is there anything they can’t do?