Bills Fans…WTF Is In The Water In Buffalo???

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The amount of freakiness going around in Buffalo is really starting to get disturbing. Numerous butt rubs at the stadium, a missed connection on Craigslist about a random handjob to a stranger and it doesn’t stop there. Now we have this gold, A Bills fans posted on Craigslist about a woman he masturbated to while she played beer pong. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP:

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Just in case you couldn’t read it, here’s the text and link:

Bills tailgate – m4w (Orchard park)

You were tailgating in the grass lot during the bills game. You had the most perfect ass in those light grey tight sweatpants I couldn’t help but stare and pleasure myself while you played beer pong. I haven’t been laid in a couple years and I couldn’t help myself. I went into my truck, turned it around so my front window faced you, and started masturbating. You had an ass like a nectarine and knockers the size of grapefruits. You were with a group of girls that drove a white jeep patriot. If you think this is you, Id like to maybe have your hands around my knob for next home game. And if it’s not you, I’ll probably still take a hand job.”

It’s been strange year so far for Buffalo Bills fans and it’s only week 2.

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