Eagles Punter Donnie Jones Tries to Make Tackle After Blocked Punt, Gets Annihilated (Videos)

eagles punter donnie jones blocked punt td

It’s not easy being an NFL punter. They have a very important job, but get very little respect, pay, or job security. And on top of all that, when their punts get blocked, they’re expected to try to tackle some dude who weighs about 50-100 pounds more than they do. So really, it’s kind of a tough gig.

Don’t believe it? Just ask Eagles punter Donnie Jones about his day at work on Sunday. In the third quarter of the Eagles game against the Cowboys, with the Cowboys up 6-0, Jones had his punt blocked by Danny McCray and picked up by Kyle Wilber. Then, while trying to run Wilber down and prevent a touchdown, Jones was utterly destroyed by a helmet-to-helmet block from Jeff Heath.

Here’s the play at full speed:

And here it is in slow-motion:

But hey, at least the touchdown didn’t count, right? At least the annihilation of Donnie Jones wasn’t all for naught?

Haha, nope. The referees were correct to throw a flag on the play. Heath’s block was illegal. But for some reason, the referees decided to pick the flag up and let the touchdown stand.

Here is Fox’s Mike Pereia with the explanation:

Sorry, Donnie. Looks like you got whiplash for nothing!

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