Gruesome Injury: Argentine Soccer Player Ezequiel Ham Gets Leg Snapped in Half by Carlos Tevez (Video)

carlos tevez gruesome injuries ezequiel ham leg break

For the second time in as many weeks, a soccer player has suffered a horrific, gut-wrenching leg break. Last week it was Luke Shaw of Manchester United in the English Premier League. This week it’s Eziquiel Ham of Argentinos Juniors in the Argentine Primera División.

Ham’s horrific injury occurred during a game between Argentinos Juniors and Boca Juniors at Diego Maradona Stadium in Buenos Aires on Saturday. Ham and former Juventus star Carlos Tevez challenged each other for a loose ball in the midfield. Unfortunately, Ham got to the ball a split second earlier than Tevez, so instead of Tevez’s foot striking the ball, it struck Ham’s shin and basically snapped it in half.

Check out the video if you want. But be warned, it’s extremely graphic:

After the game, Argentinos manager Nestor Gorosito accused Tevez of injuring Ham on purpose.

“It wasn’t unintentional,” Gorosito said. “We were three metres from the incident and you could see it. Those who have played football know these things.”

Tevez, meanwhile, denied any malicious intent.

“[The accusation] makes me angry because I went for the ball,” he said in a TV interview. “It was neither malicious nor my intention to hurt him. The touch told me I’d done something wrong. I’m sad because I didn’t want to do anything bad to him.”

The play sure looked like a tragic fluke to me. But of course I am not one of “those who have played football,” so what do I know?

Whatever the case, let’s hope Ezequiel Ham is able to make a full recovery.

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