LeBron Compares Drake and Future to Dwyane Wade and Himself (Pic)

lebron james compares drake and future to himself and dwyane wade

Apparently Drake is the LeBron James of hip hop, and Future is the Dwyane Wade. At least according to LeBron.

What am I talking about? Well, let me back up a bit.

Yesterday Drake and Future both confirmed via Instagram that they had indeed collaborated on a new album (or a mixtape if you want to get technical) after days of (carefully cultivated) rumors and speculation, and that this album would be released on iTunes and Apple Music on Sunday night at 8pm ET.

Here is Drake’s post:

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE available at 8pm EST, Sunday on ITunes @future @applemusic

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And here is Future’s:

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If you follow hip hop, then you know this is a pretty exciting collaboration. Future is a hot up-and-comer with lots of street cred, and Drake can basically do no wrong. When the guy is not winning rap feuds, he’s making out with Serena Williams and making lint rollers cool.

So LeBron James? He was excited about What a Time to Be Alive. And he compared the collaboration between Drake and Future to that between himself and Dwyane Wade in Miami with a pretty funny photoshop:

Um, sorry Chris Bosh.

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