Eagles Fan Runs on Field, Gets Taken Out by Nolan Carroll (Video)

nolan carroll

Allow us to present exhibit #41,187 of why it’s a bad idea to run out onto the field of sporting events. This dude decided to take a stroll on the Linc’s field during the Cowboys-Eagles game and quickly was made to regret it as CB Nolan Carroll took policing duties upon himself, tackling the offender quickly.

Here’s the clip:

A Dallas reporter was able to take that video from field level, and now the world gets to delight in the footage.

Good open-field tackling, but, as just about every tweet in response has pointed out, the Eagles could have used a little more of that during the actual game.

I think that players should have free reign on these sorts of guys. They’re the ones getting upstaged and inconvenienced. Let them police the field. Most fans will think twice.

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