Santa Clara May Ban Alcohol Sales During Second Half of 49ers Games Because of All the Drunken Fights

santa clara might ban alcohol sales 49ers games

After the 49ers season-opening win against the Vikings last week, a few fans of the red and gold brutally beat a Vikings fan in the parking lot outside Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Now three men and a teenage girl are facing assault charges.

Maybe that Vikings fan asked for it, as some reports suggest. Maybe he didn’t. All we know for sure is that this was hardly the first time Niners fans have been involved in situations like this. And now two members of the Santa Clara City Council think it’s time somebody puts an end to the fan violence. So, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, they’re currently mulling over a proposal to ban alcohol sales at Levi’s Stadium during the second half of 49ers game.

“We really need to send a message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated,” argued Councilwoman Lisa Gillmor.

“I know they make a lot of money off of alcohol sales,” added Councilwoman Terea O’Neill, “but if people have an hour and a half [without alcohol] maybe they will cool down a bit.”

Of course, it’s unclear whether or not banning alcohol would actually curb the violence. A pretty good portion of them are going into Levi’s Stadium already three sheets to the wind.

Rather than banning the sale of alcohol during the second half of 49ers games, the Santa Clara City Council might want to look at actually enforcing by-laws that prohibit the consumption of alcohol in parkinglots before games, or increasing the fines for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and assault in and around Levi’s Stadium.

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