Auburn Superfan Tammy from Clanton Has Epic Meltdown on Paul Finebaum Show (Video)

auburn superfan tammy from clanton epic rant paul finebaum

If you follow the SEC closely, you probably know all about Tammy from Clanton. If you don’t, let me get you up to speed.

You see, Tammy from Clanton—real name Tammy Bullard—is an Auburn superfan. Back in 2008, Tammy called in to Paul Finebaum‘s SEC Network radio show to make a passionate case for the dismissal of then-Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, and she’s been a fan favorite ever since. ESPN even did a story about her and a fellow Paul Finebaum regular named Phyllis from Mulga who is, of course, an Alabama fan.

So why do I bring up Tammy from Clanton? Well, as you may know, Auburn was blown out by LSU in Death Valley last weekend, losing by a score of 45-21. So Tammy was pretty upset. And on Monday, she called into The Paul Finebaum Show and had an absolutely epic meltdown.

How epic? Well, around the 4:20 mark Tammy starts sharing some pretty intimate details about her sex life. So I’d say very epic.

Take a listen:

So in conclusion, Tammy from Clanton thinks the Tigers need to get a new coach and play more freshmen.

Also, she’s going to have to start using her new sex toy or hire a male prostitute because she’s not getting any action from her husband.

Got that?

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