Aussie Comic Dresses Like Jarryd Hayne, Tackles Bystanders (Video)

jarryd hayne

Now that Aussie Rules Football star Jarryd Hayne is playing running back for the 49ers, you would expect Australian interest in the NFL to go up a little. And it has. Not a lot, but a little. Enough that comedians are dressing up like Jarryd Hayne and performing bits in which they tackle people on the street and harass others.

It’s actually pretty funny, especially given that Hayne is a running back, and isn’t tackling anyone unless things go horribly wrong. Still, what these guys, named The Royal Stampede, lack in football knowledge, they more than make up for in enthusiasm.

I mean, even Jarryd Hayne liked it:

Here’s the awesome video:

“Was that…was that the Hayne train?”

You bet your ass it was.

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