Drake and Future Posterize Meek Mill in This Ridiculous Video

meek mill

If you thought that the whole DrakeMeek Mill thing was over, then you don’t know social media very well.

Yesterday, we posted this video that had everyone, including LeBron James, excited for an upcoming Drake/Future mixtape. Fair enough. Well, now that collaboration is being used to throw some serious shade at rapper Meek Mill, the little rapper that could, in this Instagram delight.

Take a look:

“Future drops the album!!! Another L for Meeeeeeeek!!!”- Drake and Future dropped their joint mixtape and set the meme world on fire. This is my contribution to it. (Mixtape: What a Time to be Alive) #fbgovo #rayrod #future #drake #meekmill #whatatimetobealive I’ll be posting some behind the scene stuff about this edit later on today. Follow my snapchat to check it out: RayrodUncut TAG A FRIEND AND SPREAD THE LOVE ✊

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That’s a fun one. If it took longer than 45 seconds to put that together, it was too much time spent, but part of the fun is imagining that it took someone 3-4 hours to put this together. Like, they had to leave work early to get going on it.

In any event, it’s ours now. Enjoy it!

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