Josh Robinson Videobombing Steve Levy on MNF Was the Only Thing Any Colts Player Did Right All Night (Video)


So what the hell happened to the Indianapolis Colts? Last year they made it to the AFC Championship Game, and people started saying Andrew Luck might be the best quarterback in the NFL. This year they’ve put up just 21 points in two losses, and Luck has five interceptions and a 58.9 passer rating.

Monday night’s game against the Jets? Awful. Just awful. The Colts turned the ball over five times. Three of those were Andrew Luck interceptions, two were fumbles.

The only thing any Colts player did right all night was when running back Josh Robinson videobomed Steve Levy while he was recording a SportsCenter promo. That was pretty funny.

Unfortunately, while the NFL has demonstrated an openness to change by tweaking the extra point this season, it seems highly unlikely that they’re going to start awarding points for videobombing reporters any time soon.

The Indianapolis Colts might want to get their sh*t sorted out.

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