TCU Football Players Arrested for Beating Up a Couple of Students and Stealing Their Case of Keystone Light

tcu players mike tuaua and andre petties-wilson arrested assault robbery

Two TCU Football players were arrested Monday on felony robbery charges. They are senior defensive end Mike Tuaua, 22, of Rohnert Park, California, and redshirt freshman wide receiver Andre Petties-Wilson, 19, of San Diego.

What did Tuaua and Petties-Wilson do? Allegedly?

According to the campus crime alert issued by campus police, on the night of September 4, after getting kicked out of a party, Tuaua and Petties-Wilson happened upon a couple of TCU students carrying a case of Keystone Light outside the off-campus house. So they beat the sh*t out of them and stole the beer.

And I’m serious when I say beat the sh*t out of them. Paramedics were called. They treated one of the guys at the scene, but transported the other to a local hospital.

Officially, the guy taken to the hospital had “minor injuries.” But in my book, if you can fix it at the scene with a band-aid, that’s minor. If you have to go to the hospital, that’s not-so-minor.

Of course, Tuaua and Petties-Wilson claim the police have it all wrong. In their version of events, they just happened upon a fight and, like good Samaritans, tried to break it up.

Police aren’t buying that story, though. The incident occurred across the street from a parking lot, so they have the whole thing on video.

Needless to say, Mike Tuaua and Andre Petties-Wilson have both been suspended while the investigation continues.

Meanwhile, TCU has issued this official statement:

It is disappointing to learn about these students’ alleged behavior, which fails to live up to the expectations of our community. Texas Christian University expects its students to behave in an ethical manner, abide by campus policies and adhere to state and federal law.

The students who are under investigation will also face a charge of violating the University Code of Student Conduct, the results of which are independent and separate from any legal charges they may face.

Stay Christian, Horned Frogs.

Hat Tip – [NBC Dallas-Fort Worth]

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