This Dunk Fail Is the Best (Worst?) We’ve Seen in Ages (Video)

dunk fail

It’s one thing to get stuffed by the rim while going up for a regular ole’ dunk. It’s quite another to suffer a dunk fail when you’ve got props involved. Not only is it much more dangerous, but it draws FAR more attention to the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing.

So for the gentleman in this video who has already learned his lesson, I must say…

Step UP on the chair, not through it. But I’m sure you already learned that lesson by now. Don’t forget to ice your tailbone.

And I’m sure whoever this poor soul is has a few choice words for his buddy who put it up on Twitter. Thankfully, it’s grainier than the Zapruder film, so we’ll have to live with the mystery.

Still…what a dunk (fail)!


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