Kevin Durant and J.J. Watt Cheer On Regular Folk in This Ad (Video)


Most of us don’t draw crowds or support the way professional athletes do. So if you were lucky enough to be in this American Family Insurance ad, I hope you got to realize the awesomeness of having J.J. Watt and Kevin Durant cheer you on.

The duo posted up at a number of more “pedestrian” settings—well, more pedestrian than football or basketball games—to show that everyone needs support, a tag line that, no doubt, the insurance company hangs their hat on.

It helps that these are two actually good guys, and even if this wasn’t an ad, I could see them both doing something like this for charity.

Take a look here:

I wonder how long J.J. Watt ran with that last kid before he took off and left him in the dust. I’m guessing another six feet or so.

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