One-Armed Kid Can Hit a Happy Gilmore Better Than You Can Hit a Regular Tee Shot with Two Arms (Video)

one-armed kid golf shot happy gilmore

Remember little Tommy Morrissey, the one-armed kid who could hit a golf ball better than you at the age of three? Well, he’s four now. And not surprisingly, he’s even better at making you feel bad about your golf skillz.

Morrissey recently submitted a video for the gottaGolf #HappyGilmore Challenge. The idea is that users of the gottaGolf app submit videos of themselves hitting Happy Gilmore-style tee shots. Then the one deemed the best wins two tickets to the Tour Championship and a 2015 Masters flag.

Obviously, Tommy Morrissey’s entry is amazing.

Check this out:

A video posted by Tommy Morrissey (@onearmgolfer) on

On Twitter, gottaGolf called this the best entry they’ve received thus far.

I’m gonna go out on a limb (see what I did there?) and say nobody with two arms is going to beat this. The folks at gottaGolf might as well pop those tickets in the mail right now.

Hat Tip – [Golf Digest]

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