Lets Watch Tailgating Eagles Fans Beat and Sodomize a Tony Romo Dummy! (Video)

eagles fans beat up tony romo dummy

Philadelphia Eagles fans are an irascible bunch in the best of times. In the worst of times they can be downright deranged. And as you probably know, these are not the best of times.

While the arch rival Dallas Cowboys are 2-0 despite losing their two best players to injury, the Eagles are 0-2 despite everyone being perfectly healthy. While former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has 130 yards through two games with Buffalo, his replacement, DeMarco Murray, has 11. While former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has two touchdowns, zero picks, and a 94.4 passer rating with St. Louis, his replacement, Sam Bradford, has two touchdowns, four picks, and a 72.3 passer rating.

Granted, the season is young. There is plenty of time for the Eagles to turn things around—especially now that Dez Bryant and Tony Romo are both out for at least the next eight weeks. But you can’t expect Eagles fans to be rational. Unbridled rage is sort of their thing. If they don’t get it out of their system, they have aneurysms and die.

That’s why it was a good thing somebody brought a Tony Romo dummy to the Eagles tailgate last week. All that punching, kicking, elbowing, bodyslamming, and sodomizing (yes sodomizing) helped Eagles fans get all the rage out of their systems.

Take a look:

Yeah. Wow.

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