The Rock Playfully Scolds His Dog Brutus for Being a Lazy Slug (Video)


I can’t really sell the joke any better than The Rock sells it in both this Instagram video and in the first comment. He’s a busy guy these days, and I would agree that “time has become his most valuable currency,” so when he needs to get going, he needs his dogs, however adorable, to be on board.

And Brutus (who has inconvenienced The Rock before) is throwing a real wrench in his plans.

You’ve got to love that adorable dog (pug? French bulldog? Boston terrier?).

Here’s the clip. It’s worth your time:

Clearly Brutus doesn’t understand I’m busier than the President, and time has become my most valuable currency. #ThatsMyBoyActingLikeAG #HeGoesWhenHesReady #LikeHisDaddy #PuppyTraining #WelcomeToMyWorld

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Dammit, Brutus! Get in gear! Time is his most valuable currency! Don’t you follow him on Instagram?

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