Wall Street Journal Marshawn Lynch Story Paints Seahawks Star as Pretty Great Guy

wall street journal marshawn lynch article

Marshawn Lynch might just be the most enigmatic man in American sports. He is one of the most recognizable players in the NFL, but for the most part all we really know about him is that he likes Skittles, video games, and his aunt’s chicken wings.

That’s starting to change, though, thanks to an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about Lynch’s trip to Turkey.

Lynch went to Turkey with a group called American Football Without Borders to teach women and boys how to play football. For the article, author Kevin Clark spoke to a number of other players who went on the trip. And when you put together all the bits and pieces of information they shared and take a step back, what you start to see is that Marshawn Lynch is a really good guy.

Saints fullback Erik Lorig said Marshawn Lynch was the first guy and that he brought all the electricity. Meanwhile, trip organizer Todd Buelow said that there’s nobody he’d rather have as a camp counselor than Marshawn.

Then there’s this incredible paragraph:

Lynch’s performance in Istanbul is now the stuff of legend. When one boy was distraught and nearly in tears about his performance on the field, Lynch took him off to the side for 20 minutes. Later, the boy ended up with a “Beast Mode” sweatshirt—Lynch’s nickname—and returned to field, playing at full-speed. When an attendee asked the boy’s father what Lynch told him, the father relayed that Lynch had given a 20-minute pep talk on how there are no losers on the practice field and that it is about learning lessons. Lynch has now flown to Brazil and Turkey with the group—on one leg of the flight, a fellow player said, Lynch refused to let the charity pay for his accommodations.

And the best part about this whole story? You heard nothing about it until somebody went digging six months later. Lynch didn’t publicize it on Twitter or Instagram. He just did it.

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