This 7-Foot, 440-LB High School Lineman Is a Certified Giant (Video)

high school lineman

We all know thanks to diet, exercise, and progressive genetics that people, especially football players, are getting bigger and bigger every year. But I think this kid, high school lineman John Krahn from Kings High School in CA, might have skipped a few generations. Or eaten a few kids. Something.

He’s tipping the scales at a cool 440 pounds, which, as you know, is pretty heavy. And he’s 7 feet tall, which is…tall.

Is he easy to block?

Good question. NO. He is NOT easy to block because he weighs as much as two large people and can’t be reached.

Here’s a video clip:

I mean, come ON!

He’s, of course, a college prospect, but coaches are telling him he’ll need to lose weight, so he’s down to 3,000 calories these days. I think he could lose 100 pounds and still be a beast.

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