This Gruesome MMA Leg Break Will Remind You Why You Don’t Do MMA (Video)

gruesome mma leg break

Let’s see, what was it that made me decide not to be an MMA fighter? Oh right! It was all the horrific injuries like the MMA leg break you are about to see from Russian promotion M-1 Global.

At M-1 Challenge 61 last weekend in Nazran, Russia, the main event between heavyweights Ante Delija of Croatia and Marcin Tybura of Poland had to be called off a little after Delija broke his leg in half while trying to kick Tybura in the knee.

The crazy thing is, despite the absolutely disgusting cracking sound clearly heard in the video, neither of these guys realized what had happened at first. Delija only realized he’d snapped his leg in half when he tried to put weight on it and it bent in half. Then, after he fell to the ground, Tybura jumped on top of him and started wailing until the referee jumped in and Delija was like, dude, LOOK AT MY LEG!

Take a look:

Of course, gruesome injuries like this can happen in any sport. We’ve seen two such injuries occur during soccer games in just the last week alone.

But all things being equal, given all the punching and kicking and elbowing and kneeing in MMA, I think it’d still take my chances with soccer.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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