High School Dance Team Brawl! Impromptu Dance-Off After Football Game Gets Ugly (Video)

dance team brawl

Last Friday, the football teams from Dallas’ Wilmer Hutchins High School and James Madison High School squared off on the gridiron. Then, after the game, the schools’ dance teams engaged in an impromptu dance-off.

Unfortunately, while the football game went off without a hitch, things got a little too heated between the dance teams.

According to Deshannon Roberts, mother of a James Madison High Blue Bell dancer, it all started when one of the Wilmer Hutchins dancers came up and got in her daughter’s face. At first, Roberts’ daughter ignored the other girl. But then the other girl came back again, this time smacking her in the head.

At that point all hell broke loose, and school officials had a full-blown dance team brawl on their hands.

Take a look:

Needless to say, dance brawls are frowned upon by the Dallas Independent School District. So both teams have been suspended from their next games.

With all due respect to Deshannon Roberts, that seems pretty fair.

Hat Tip – [Fox Dallas]

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